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Updated: January 20th, 2014

 Most effective "White Powder Gold" Reviews




This site was established to rate, review, and compare the various "White Powder Gold or Monatomic Gold" products on the internet. I quote the word "White Powder Gold" because not all of the products reviewed actually have White Powder Gold. Yes, they are marketed as white powder gold, but not all of them are! If you're about to spend $20-$100 on something to help you gain enlightenment, you want it to work, assuming it arrives in the first place! The fact is that real white powder gold does work! The problems is cutting through the hype to find out which ones are real and work, which ones are real and kinda work, and which ones are pure rip-off crap! That is exactly the purpose of this website, as I was in the same position you are in a few months back when I first heard about white powder gold. I wish there was a site like this, so I could have cut through the garbage, and just purchased the real deal. All in all, it was worth it, as I now know first hand what WORKS and what DOESN'T, and if you're like me, you would pay any reasonable dollar amount to know what can get you enlightenment! So anyway, here are my honest reviews:

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My Number One Pick:
This White Powder Gold from FourRealms is the winner, too bad I didn't find it first. This stuff is the real deal.  It's a great value, and by far the most effective White Powder Gold product I've tested: increased memory, overall feeling of wellbeing... Highly Recommended:
Runner Up:
Zerolight White Powder Gold was the first I bought because I clicked on them through a Google Ad. The White Powder Gold did work, however it just didn't have the kick that FourRealms did.  Also, it is more expensive than the FourRealms white powder gold.
Quantun Genergy
Quantun Genergy gets 2 stars because it did arrive on time and it does seem to be legitmate M-State Gold. Unfortunately, It doesn't seem to do much. This falls under the "Real White Powder Gold that kinda work" so it's not really recommended.
Liquid Chi
I heard good things about Liquid-chi, unfortunately it's potentecy just isn't up to par. Source material comes from the deep of the ocean.
Essence of Life
The Essence of Life wasn't effective in giving me the same esperiences as the products above.  Wouldn't reccommend.
Etherium Gold
Comes in a capsule powder and doesn't contain the potentcy of the liquid ORMUS.  I would steer clear of this product.
Golden Circle
Difficult site to navigate, no product pictures and overall unprofessional.  Wouldn't reccommend the Golden Circule Brand of products.

Last Words :
As you can see, the differences in the White Powder Gold products on the Internet vary GREATLY. It's great to have science do something useful, like gaining enlightenment! It sounded crazy that this "monatomic gold" would be the key to freeing your mind at first, but think about the person with the knowledge you want, chances are you can get there. Recent science has shown that taking white powder gold can significantly increase comprehension. Seems almost unfair, because you haven't known about it until now. It's unfair because you can do everything in your power to gain enlightenment, and now a great leap can be made simply by taking monatomic gold. That's why I was so interested in White Powder Gold, I don't want complete knowledge, but I figure I should try and do everything I possibly can to understand as much as I can. If you're reading this, I'm sure you feel the same way. That's why I tried all these White Powder Gold Products, and since I know which ones worked for me and which ones ripped me off, I figure I should let everyone who visits my site know. It's my way of giving you some good info, getting back at the products that ripped me off, and thanking those that worked for me.

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